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Our Inter-Social approach

We believe the world of e-commerce should also empower the consumer. This belief sparked our initial motivation - to support educated purchasing decisions and build price comparison platforms in various countries.

We crawl and search the internet for the most current offers and demands. Based on given markets, we choose and compare offers for the best products for our users.

We work with external experts who choose, review and rate products to provide the best possible purchase recommendation for your individual need.

We run a number driven approach and look for measureable results. We extract relevant insights to continuously improve our business.

We love automization. Our technologies are advanced, agile and we rethink every manual process to make it efficient and automatic.

InterSocial… also within our company

Based in Berlin but gathered from all over the world. We are proud of our international team and keep an international mindset. Today we operate various platfroms in more than 25 countries, always focused on making purchase or service decisions easier for potential customers. We discover new possibilities almost on a daily basis and add it to our long pipeline of ideas that we want to test to improve users' online experiences.

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